Annual Meeting 2024


03/19/2024, 7:00pm


This is a draft of Minutes until approved at the next annual meeting.


In Attendance: Monte Sicble, Gaylen Dewing, Eric Richard, Jerry Kunz, Dan Reis, Dusty Hasper, Roy Kuil, Stephen Schnaible and Jamie Vetsch

1. Clerk Schnaible called meeting to order at 7:00pm

2. Clerk Schnaible opened nominations for Judges

Wanda Dewing nominates Lori Halvorson
Lori Reis nominates Wanda Dewing
Gaylen Dewing nominates Arelene Abraham

Hearing no other nominations, nominations were closed and judges were selected with unanimous support.

3. Clerk Schnaible opened nominations for Moderator

Marv Abraham nominates Rick Hessinger

Hearing no other nominations, nominations were closed and moderator was selected with unanimous support.

4. Moderator asks for approval of last years minutes and for reading of minutes to be waived.

Roy Kuil makes a motion as such.
Lori Reis 2nds the motion.
Last annual meeting minutes approved and reading of minutes waived with unanimous vote.

5. Moderator asks for old business. Hearing none moderator closed old business.

6. Moderator asks for new business

A. Monte Sicble made a motion:
"Planned Unit Development(PUD) can be brought before Apple Creek Township in a public hearing for
review and vote to be approved or denied. However, any proposed PUD must conform to Apple Creek
Township Zoning Ordinances. A PUD cannot be used to circumvent or supersede the current Apple
Creek Township Zoning Ordinances."
Roy Kuil 2nd the motion.

Discussion: statements were made by a various citizens.
Pros - allow a specific piece of property to be zoned specific to its use on a contractual basis.
          If contract is voided property reverts to it original use.
- Potentially protects ACT as the authority over said property.

Cons - Apple Creek Township does not have the staff to authorize and manage PUDs.
- PUDs likely end up costing the township a lot in legal fees and in the end township likely loses.
- Was described as pandora's box once it is opened it is difficut to close again.
- Examples were provided of other locales that regretted using PUDs and eventually caused them to
  reverse course because of the expense and time costs, neither of which ACT can afford.
- Citizens are concerned over how they would be used and how it would change the landscape of ACT.
- There are many unknowns and no one at the meeting was an expert to answer questions as an
  authority on the subject. Concerns that we are not even asking the right questions.

Moderator called for vote - rejected unanimously

B. Lori Halverson made a motion: "Pay increase for all elected or appointed Apple Creek Township
    officials should receive a minimum of $100.00/day for each day worked on behalf of the township.
    Maximum annual pay, not to exceed $4,000.00 per calandar year."
Jamie Vetsch 2nd the motion.

Moderator called for vote - passed unanimously.

7. Moderator asks Treasurer for Budget Review and to allow for public review.

Budget was read by Treasurer Jamie Vetsch and presented to the public for view and review.
Requesting $130,000 in apportioning.

Vote for budget and requested apportioning of $130,000 - passed unanimously.

8. Moderator begins nominations for positions that need to be filled.

A. Opens nominations for Board Supervisor
Lori Halvorson nominates Dan Reis. Roy Kuil 2nds.
Hearing no other nominations, Modator closes nominations for Board Supervisor.

B. Opens nominations for Zoning Supervisor
Marv Abraham nominates Jerry Kunz. Jamie Vetsch 2nds.
Hearing no other nominations, Moderator closes nominations for Zoning Board.

C. Opens nominations for Treasuer
Jamie Vetsch nominates Randy Strom. Roy Kuil 2nds.
Hearing no other nominations, Moderator closes nominations for Treasurer.

9. Moderator opens polls at 8:15pm.

Moderator closed polls at 9:00pm.

10. Judges canvased the votes at 9:00pm.

11. Clerk Schnaible read statement of results of canvas.

A total of 45 ballots were cast.

Dan Reis elected to Board Supervisor with 45 votes.

Jerry Kunz elected to Zoning Supervisor with 44 votes.

Randy Strom elected to Treasurer with 45 votes.

Marv abraham received 1 vote for Zoning Supervisor.

12. Dan Reis announced his resignation from Zoning Supervisor. His replacement will need to be appointed
      at the next regular meeting.

13. Clerk Schnaible adjourns meeting at 9:20.


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