ACT Board of Supervisors Agenda


04/08/2024, 7:00 PM

1. Call to Order

2. Elect Chairman of the board

3. Thank you to Eric Richard and Jamie Vetsch

4. Recess Board of Supervisors - Open Zoning Board

A. Accept Resignation from Dan Reis
B. Appoint New Zoning Board Member
C. Oath of Office for new Zoning Member - Clerk
D. Old Business

1. Consider Application for Vacant Building Inspector Position

a. Introduce Robert Melhoff
b. Q & A and Discussion

2. Discuss illegal mobile home on Johnson property
3. Update on Golf Course
4. Any other old business?

E. New Business

1. Review of Annual Meeting Minutes
2. Appoint someone to the Bismarck ETA Joint Zoning Board
3. Other new business

F. Adjourn Zoning Board - Reconvene Board of Supervisors

5. Minutes Review

A. Corrections and approval of the Minutes from the previous meeting.

6. Area Reports

A. School Board Report - Dan Ries


B. Treasurers Report - Randy Strom


C. Assesors Report - Marie Horning


D. Building Inspector's Report - Burleigh County


E. Road Supervisors Report - Roy Kuil


F. Weed Supervisors Report - Dusty Hasper


7. Old Business

8. New Business

A. Consider Recomendations of zoning Board

1. Building Inspector position

2. Johnson mobile home

9. Adjourn

Meeting Schedule:
May 6
June 3
July 8
August 5
September 9
October 7
November 4
December 2

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