Special Zoning Meeting


06/14/2010, 7 PM





Members present Chairman Paul Zent; Supervisor, Kerry Olson; Zoning board, Terry Woehl, Jerry Kunz, Assessor/Building Inspector, Ed Daniels and Clerk Cyndy Meidinger.
Chairman Zent opened a meeting and introduced the members of the board present. He went on to say we will have a lawyer type a copy of the new zoning regs. At some point legal counsel or a paralegal will be present at the Township meeting to discuss the new zoning regs.
Lot sizes:
• 5 acre lot size the standard size lot (2- 3 acre minimum lot size)
• Consider smaller acreage in spot zoning areas (closer to denser populated areas R 5 zoning) 1 1/2 acre lot minimum with central water and sewer system. Subdivision of this size would require special assessment for paving of subdivisions.
• Copy of covenants on file at Township
• Subdivisions with 1 1/2 acres would need special assessment for paving
• Size of land to be subdivided (40 acre minimum)
• Covenant enforcement would be covenant committee of the subdivision or Apple Creek Township board

Building Sizes:
• 16’ side walls on accessory buildings
• Septic system type
• Accessory building size on lot with no house

Building permit fees:
• Comparison of Apple Creek Township and Bismarck permit fees

Mobile home:
• Mobile home subdivisions
• Modular homes

Business from home:
• Set up guidelines for home businesses

In closing this zoning meeting wants to keep the rural characteristic of Apple Creek Township. Also the Township does not look for violations it only deals with complaints from its residents.

With no other zoning business to discuss Chairman Zent adjourned the zoning meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Cyndy Meidinger
Clerk, ACT




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