Regular Meeting


10/04/2010, 7 PM

Members Present: Chairman, Paul Zent; Supervisors, Kerry Olson and Ken Selzler; Zoning Board, Terry Woehl and Jerry Kunz; Road Supervisor, Loren Wolf; Building Inspector/Assessor, Ed Daniels; Treasurer, Shawn Whitney and Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger.

Members Absent: Weed Board, Terry Mauch

Chairman Paul Zent opened the meeting and the minutes from the previous meeting were called for and read. A correction to the minutes, Marv Abraham’s lean to is 30’x72’ and will be closed on all sides. With no other corrections Ken Selzler made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected, Kerry Olson 2nd the motion. The motion was unanimously approved with Supervisors Selzler, Olson and Chairman Zent voting in favor of the motion, Motion Carried.

School Board Report: Lorraine Richard said the school board had allocated $1,000.00 for the additional parking improvement; but the township will need to pay the 1st $2,000.00. The school board will pay $1,000.00 to fix the low spots in the parking area. Supervisor Selzler said he had volunteers to help with the project. He also said Ross Lang will donate 30 loads of fill dirt. Re-mill from the City of Bismarck can be purchased for $6.00 a ton + loading. Supervisor Selzler said he thought the project could be done relatively inexpensively. After discussion Supervisor Selzler made a motion for the township to fund parking lot improvement cost up to $3,000.00 for fuel and materials with volunteer help and additional monies to come from the school board if needed. He also included in the motion he will be keep track of all material and fuel bills to be presented to the board for payment. The motion was 2nd by Kerry Olson and was unanimously approved with Supervisors, Selzler, Olson and Chairman Zent voting in favor of the motion, Motion Carried. Mrs. Richard talked to Markus Hall about a flashing warning light for the school. She was told the county should pay for the lights if it is a safety concern.

Road Supervisors Report: Supervisor Wolf talked to Rodney Ness and rip rap will start on 106th St and the county will start pulling gravel onto the roads. There are concerns Mariner is taking the road all the way to the north in their subdivision but they are going only as far as agreed. There was a question about chip seal road in Pine Meadows the township and the county thinks it is a private road. Supervisor Wolf will check with the county again if is a private road the owner is responsible for upkeep. The culvert cleanout on 80th and Apple Creek road might not get done this season. There was a request from Neal Stroah for a variance for a 1.2 acre lot off 80th south of Highway 10, owned by John and Shelly Botsford. He wants to make sure he won’t have to pay for additional blacktop. Road Supervisor Wolf and Building Inspector Daniels will work with Mr. Stroah.

Zoning Board Report: No report just a discussion on how to handle reports from residents about problem animals, complaints etc. With that discussion Chairman Zent introduced Chris Nyhus from Pearce & Durick who will be doing all preliminary work on the Zoning Regulation rewrite. The payment was addressed and the options are do a flat fee of $5,000 or hourly @ $150.00/hr. Mr. Nyhus thinks it would take about 33 hrs of work to do the re-write. He also thinks the board could have a hard copy by the November meeting for review and correction. He will have a PDF file and a hard (paper) copy. Mr. Nyhus said after the regs were written any changes would incur an additional charge. After discussion Supervisor Olson made a motion to go with the $5,000 flat fee, 2nd by Supervisor Selzler. The motion was unanimously approved with Supervisors Olson, Selzler and Chairman Zent voting in favor of the motion, Motion Carried.

Assessor/Building Inspector’s Report: Mr. Daniels had 7 building permits:
028-10 $ 147.00 Charles or June Schaan 93r St SE & Lincoln Rd Accessory Building
029-10 $ 282.00 Daniel or Lori Reis 2512 93rd St SE Accessory Building
030-10 $ 137.00 Marv Abraham 6050 93rd St SE Accessory Building
031-10 $398.00 Travis & Jennifer Albrecht 8120 Irish Lane Detached garage & Addition /with garage
032-10 $ 49.20 Tyler Wollmuth 8900 Pleasant View Road Deck
033-10 $ 154.00 Henry & Tori Ohlauser 9050 Buckskin Road Accessory Building
034-10 $192.00 Terry & Greta Johnson 7160 62nd Ave SE Convert garage to living quarters
Total $1,359.20

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Whitney said he had a total of $44,659.26 in bills to pay, a total of $1,434.20 in deposits that gives a total checking account balance of $110,776.80.

10173 $ 81.66          Krafty Web Works      Web Page
10174 $ 43,557.91     Burleigh County   Road Projects Including Gravel
10175 $ 719.69        Ed Daniels               Inspections
10176 $ 482.72          IRS                         3rd Qtr Taxes
Total $ 44,841.98
Previous total $ 80,966.65
YTD total $125,808.63

Other Business: Need to get approval for T&M Electric to add outlets and lighting to new township office area in basement, discussion followed with Supervisor Selzler making a motion to have T&M do needed electrical updating for the township 2nd by Supervisor Olson. The motion was unanimously approved with Supervisors Selzler, Olson and Chairman Zent voting in favor of the motion, Motion Carried.
With no other business to discuss Chairman Zent adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger

Clerk, Act


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