Regular Meeting


01/10/2011, 7 PM

Members Present: Chairman, Paul Zent; Supervisors, Kerry Olson & Ken Selzler; Zoning Board, Terry Woehl & Jerry Kunz; Road Supervisor, Lorin Wolf; Assessor/Building Inspector, Ed Daniels; Treasurer, Shawn Whitney and Clerk Cyndy Meidinger.

Members Absent: Weed Board, Terry Mauch.

Chairman Zent opened the meeting the minutes were called for and read, with no corrections or additions Supervisor Olson made a motion to approve the minutes as read, 2nd by Supervisor Selzler. The motion was unanimously approved with Supervisors, Olson, Selzler and Chairman Zent voting in favor of the motion, Motion Carried.

School Board Report: No one present to represent the school board no report given. Supervisor Selzler said the parking lot project was finished for the year. He also said work will resume this spring with 2 more loads of crushed asphalt and any other finish work that needs to be done. At the November meeting there was a recommendation to give  $50.00 gift cards to the people who helped the township out by volunteering time and equipment. The approval was missed at the December meeting so Supervisor Olson made a motion to approve the gift cards from the Angus Grill to the people who participated in the parking lot upgrade project, with a 2nd from Chairman Zent. The motion was approved with Supervisor Olson and Chairman Zent voting in favor of the motion; Supervisor Selzler abstained, Motion Carried.

Road Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Wolf said he had several calls about snow removal, he also said the county is out with the plows around 6 AM. Chairman Zent said he had a call about snow removal on Snappy Lane and he explained to the caller that Snappy Lane is considered a private drive so it is the land owner’s responsibility to keep the drive clean. The supervisors stated this has been a snowier winter than previous winters and the residents will have to be patient.

Apple Creek Country Club: The ACT Board doesn’t want to make too many waves about snow removal and jeopardize the snow removal in the Country Club. For now the board is going to let the county and the Country Club Association work out the details.

Speed Limit on 52nd and 66th Sts: Supervisor Wolf said the county is requesting written request from the township to change the speed limits. A discussion followed with a motion from Supervisor Selzler to accept the county's recomendation on the speed limit reduction to avoid the speed limit entrapment that is becoming a problem.

52nd St. 35mph zone from Lincoln Road south to 48th Avenue & 45 mph zone from 48th Avenue to 3,000 ft south of the intersection of 48th Avenue.  A 55mph zone from 3,000 ft south of the intersections of 48th Avenue to the end of the road.

66th St. 35 mph zone from Lincoln Road to a point 2,300 ft. south of the intersection of Lincoln Road to 48th Avenue. 55mph zone from 48th Avenue to the end of the road.

Supervisor Olson 2nd the motion.The motion was unanimously approved with supervisors Selzler, Olson and Chairman Zent voting in favor of the motion, Motion Carried.

Zoning Board: Brad Krogstad from Kadrmas Lee & Jackson representing the City of Lincoln had questions regarding some possible development east  of 66th St. and south of Lincoln Road, east of Lincoln. There are 40 acres that could possibly be an industrial and or residential development. The main question was does Apple Creek Township require roads to be gravel or pavement. The land in question is in the jurisdiction of the City of Lincoln so it is their call if the roads would be gravel or pavement. There might be a road connecting with Majistic Street and the board said the ACT board does not require residential roads to be paved in Apple Creek Township.

Zoning Regulations: Chris Nyhus from Pearce & Durick had a hard copy of the Zoning Regulations for the board to review. There were several areas that were discussed the animal nuisance issue, wind towers and abandoned vehicle problems were addressed. There was also some discussion on lot size. In the Zoning Regulations is it stated 2 acre lots will be a minimum. The supervisors felt 2 acres is a more sellable lot size but the board would entertain other lot sizes also. Mr. Nyhus submitted the bill for legal services for $5,000 as agreed, he said it could be paid in full or 1/2. Supervisor Selzler made a motion to pay $2,500 now and $2,500 upon completion of service, 2nd by Supervisor Olson, the motion was unanimously approved with Supervisors Selzler, Olson and Chairman Zent voting in favor of the motion, Motion Carried.

There was discussion on snowmobiling and ATV use in the ditches. The township board is waiting to see what action the county is going to take and then will make a decision to follow the county or take action on their own.

Weed Board: No report.

Assessor’s Report: The board was reviewing the request for a homestead credit for Jack Bender when they determined the form was filled out wrong. Supervisor Selzler moved to table the request until the February meeting so Assessor Daniels could get the form corrected.

Building Inspector’s Report: Inspector Daniels had a heating permit for Gaylen Dewing’s new home on 93rd St SE.

Treasure’s Report: Treasurer Whitney reported had 7 bills to pay for a total of          $4, 26.49 a deposit of $124.00 for a total in checking of $87,286.48. After review Supervisor Selzler made a motion to pay all bills submitted, 2nd by Supervisor Olson, the motion was unanimously approved with Supervisors, Selzler, Olson and Chairman voting in favor of the motion, Motion Carried.
10203   $       40.00     Krafty Web Works web consultation
10204   $      346.37    United Printing letter head and envelopes
10205   $      323.93    Cyndy Meidinger office supply reimbursement
10206   $      999.64    Ed Daniels assessor/building inspections
10207   $      491.55   Burleigh County road projects
10208   $        25.00   NDTOA remainder of yearly dues
10209   $    2,500.00   Pearce & Durick 1/2 of Zoning Rewrite fee
total      $ 4,726.49


Chairman Zent reported on a letter the supervisors received from Terry Brosseau complaining about the amount the school tax went up. The Mr. Brosseau was not happy the township raised the school tax by so much. Chairman Zent said the board does not have anything to do with the school tax and Assessor Daniels will contact Mr. Brosseau and will discuss his taxes with him and invite him to the tax equalization meeting in April. Chairman Zent went on to say the school gets 71 % of the tax dollar, the county gets 19% rural fire gets 4.5% and the township gets 4%.

Chairman Zent said he had gotten an email from Representative Dwight Wrangham that he knew of no bills dealing with the ETA for this legislative session.

With no other business to discuss Chairman Zent asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Supervisor Olson moved to adjourn the meeting, Chairman Zent adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger
Clerk, ACT


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