09/09/2013, 7:00 PM

Regular Meeting

September 9, 2013 7:00 PM

Members present: Kerry Olson, Chairman; Paul Zent, Supervisor; Ken Selzler, Supervisor; Jerry Kunz, Zoning Board Member; Terry Mauch, Weed Board; Greg Hillig, Building Inspector; Mike Schwartz, Treasurer; Ann Willoughby, Clerk; JP Moszer, Road Supervisor; Cole Shantz, Assesor

Members absent: Rick Solberg, Zoning Board Member

Chairman Olson opened the meeting.

Supervisor Zent made a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Supervisor Selzler seconded the motion. The motion passed with Chairman Olson, Supervisors Zent and Selzler in agreement.

School board Report: Working on budget for next year, working on getting funding to connect two portables with a bathroom. Also would like to paint the other portables on the grounds as it is much needed. Quotes are being sought to be able to paint, possible request to the board for fundraising to help paint the portables.

Zoning Board Report: Chairman Zent received phone call about a camper parked on an empty lot in the Copper Ridge Estates. Chairman Zent verified that the owner is living in his camper while building his home is being built on the property. Board is verifying that the lot owner has all the proper permits. Citizens of Copper Ridge Estates are concerned about people residing unlawfully in the area.

Assessor’s report: New Assessor hired; two applicants for this position. Interview board selected Cole Shantz. Chairman Zent made a motion to approve the appointment of Cole to be on township assessor. Supervisor Selzler seconded the motion. The motion passed with Chairman Olson, Supervisors Zent and Selzler in agreement.

Mr. Shantz will be going out with Van Guard representatives to learn as much as possible as assessments are made and also to work with Al Vitmeier, Burleigh County assessor to learn his responsibilites.

The board would like to get the township on a four year rotation of being assessed so that property always has a fair market value; values go down then the taxes will go down.

Building Inspector’s Report:

Mr. Hillig wrote a permit for a basement and a deck. Recommend a form letter be ready to be mailed out when a violation is discovered. Verbiage should be strongly worded with possible repercussions. Mr. Hillig has been notified of more building without permits in the township.

Garage situation with Ed Rath. No further work has happened since August meeting. The building was condemned in April.

Supervisor Selzler made a motion to proceed with having the garage torn down and the debris and trash on the property cleaned up with the desired end state being that the property is flat and can be mowed easily. Supervisor Zent seconded the motion. Chairman Olson, Supervisors Zent and Selzler in agreement.

Rick Wald was sent a letter from local covenant committee about cleaning up his property. Supervisor Zent made a motion to send letter to Rick Wald to reinforce what the covenant committee of the Mees County Home Architetural Committee has mailed to him on 8 August 2013. The motion passed with Chairman Olson, Supervisors Zent and Selzler in agreement.

Motion made by Chairman Selzler to send a letter with date of 1 September and time frame of 30 days for compliance as verified by inspection of Apple Creek building inspector that all garbage and debris be removed or township will take care of the building and the owner will be charged accordingly. Chairman Zent seconded. The motion passed with Chairman Olson, Supervisors Zent and Selzler in agreement.

Road Supervisor’s Report: 66th Street and Lincoln Road is being marked/flagged to install signage for work on the intersection for possible round-about intersection. Speed limits will change in this area. All Citizens are asked to be alert.

62nd Ave S.E is being worked. Some roads will get recycled asphalt others will get gravel. Depending on the amount of traffic on the road dictates which the type of aggregate placed. Gravel is coming from Northern Improvement. Recycled asphalt is less expensive than gravel at this time. Magnesium chloride cost is $1700 per quarter mile; used to harden the road surface and minimize dust. 66th Street has been covered with magnesium chloride. Mees addition was only bladed temporarily. 116thStreet has been covered with magnesium chloride, it reduces the dust but common complaint that it makes vehicle very dirty when it rains. Board recommends that we continue to complete the roads with recycled asphalt. Class 5 gravel is good quality. Northern Improvement is continuing to put down gravel and recycled asphalt. $13.25 per ton recycle, $14.75 per ton for Class 5.

Weed report – Terry, spayed everything that can be sprayed in the township. Leafy spurge along the railroad tracks and in some pastures. Using insects to control the spurge. It works in that the insects lay their eggs this year near the roots, then next year the larvae eat the roots. Pretty good year to get the bugs that eat the spurge. Only works in areas of thicker infestation of Leafy Spruge.

Treasures’ Report: Bank Balance $366,638.85, bill for 63.18 bill, deposit will be $415.70 in July and $1969.25 in October.

Supervisor Zent made a motion to pay bills and quarterly pay checks to board members. Supervisor Selzler seconded the motion. The motion passed with Chairman Olson, Supervisors Zent and Selzler in agreement.

New Business – Van Guard will try at least two times to contact home owners for appraisals.

No other business. Meeting adjourned.


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