Annual Meeting


03/15/2011, 7PM

The meeting was called to order by Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger.

The minutes from the previous meeting were called for and read.

With no additions or corrections the minutes were unanimously approved by voice vote.

Clerk Meidinger asked for nominations from the floor for 3 judges for the election board. There were 4 nominations for judges; Marvin Abraham, Larry Brendel, Dick Letteer and Kathy Mauch. From the nominees Marvin Abraham, Larry Brendel and Dick Letteer were selected as judges for the election board.

Clerk Meidinger then asked for nominations from the floor for a Moderator for the meeting. There were 2 nominations for Moderator, Paul Zent and Ken Selzler. Ken Selzler was selected as moderator for the meeting and the meeting was turned over to him.

Moderator Selzler introduced the members of the board in attendance, Chairman Paul Zent, Supervisor Kerry Olson, Treasurer Shawn Whitney, Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz and Terry Woehl, Road Supervisor Lorin Wolf and Clerk Cyndy Meidinger.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Whitney reported there was $85,384.69 beginning balance with a total of $121,432.94 income and disbursement of $115,712.27 with a total of $91,105.36 balance at the end of the year.

Road Report: Chairman Zent gave a report on the previous year’s gravel and road improvements that were implemented buy the tax increase. Chairman Zent went on to say that the board's commitment to improving the township roads will continue and the township now has extra funds to save for future paving projects.

Web Site Update: Chairman Zent urged everyone to check out the township website @ On the website you will find meeting dates, minutes from meetings, agendas, zoning regulations and board member contacts. Chairman Zent also said that Apple Creek School is looking into using our web server, Krafty Web Works to get a site up for the school.

Pay Increase: Chairman Zent said there is a bill before the legislature to increase the supervisors pay to $60.00 per day, for day long meetings. If this is approved the board members will be entitled to receive $60.00 per day for meetings rather than the $20.00 per day that is now received by board members. If the bill passes it will not go into effect until August of 2011 and will have to be approved at the next election in 2012.

Zoning Regulation Rewrite: Chairman Zent went on to discuss the vote on the Zoning Regulation rewrite. There were questions on just voting on certain portions of the zoning regulations, as to why the residents were not informed of the rewrite and people requesting 3 acres as lot minimums. Chairman Zent said there were 3 meetings last summer the meeting announcement was in the Bismarck Tribune, and posted @ John’s Market, the Cenex Station and Dakota Community Bank. The meetings were held in June, July and August with attendance good @ the first meeting and attendance falling at each subsequent meeting thereafter with only board members attending the last meeting in August. He also went on to say the zoning regulation rewrite was addressed at each regular meeting after the summer input meetings. The new zoning regulations were posted on the webpage in January for the residents to view. The outcome of the discussion was there would be no vote at the election on the new zoning regulations @ the 2011 election. There would be another discussion of the zoning regulations @ the April meeting and a vote @ the May meeting.

With no further discussion Moderator Selzler introduced the candidates at the meeting. Kerry Olson for Supervisor for a 3 year term, and Rick Solberg for Zoning Board member for a 2 year term. JP Morgan was running for Treasurer but he was not in attendance. Moderator Selzler also said the township board was going to keep the tax levy @ $95,000.00 so the township can make further road improvements and keep on track with a paving account for the township roads.

After the introduction of the candidates Moderator Selzler opened the floor for nominations for Supervisor for a 3 year term, Treasurer a 2 year term and Zoning Board Member for a 2 year term. Juanita Braun was chosen to run for Supervisor for a 3 year term, Tom Williams was chosen to run for Treasurer for a 2 year term and Burton Pfliger was chosen to run for Zoning Board Member for a 2 year term.

With no further business to discuss Moderator Selzler adjourned the Annual Meeting of Apple Creek Township and opened the poles for voting.
Respectfully Submitted,

Cyndy Meidinger
Clerk, ACT

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