Tax Equalizaton Meeting


04/12/2011, 7 PM

Chairman Olson opened the 2011 Tax Equalization Meeting. He introduced the members of the board Supervisors Selzler & Zent, Tax Assessor Daniels, Clerk Meidinger, Burleigh County Tax Equalization Director, Allan Vietmeier and Tim Hagen who was representing the school board to field school board related questions.

Chairman Olson opened the floor for a discussion on the process and then told the members of the audience the board and the assessor will meet one on one with each person to discuss their individual concerns on their taxes. The discussion concerned the large increases that were seen by the residents of the township.

The following is a list of residents that meet with the board & assessor regarding their tax bill.
Dwight Kinnischtzke, 101 52nd St NE questioned the valuation on the lot and was concerned about the building he had to move off his property to allow for the new shop to be built. Assessor Daniels said that building was not on his valuation. He was ok with the $168,000.00 valuation on his property.

Mike Springer, 9150 22nd Ave SE. Thought his valuation was too high. Assessor Daniels said his valuation was too low for years and was just bring up to where it should be. The result was to increase his valuation 20% for the next 3 years.

Al & Marilou Voegele, 202 Mees Lane feels their valuation was high and through discussion agreed on a valuation of $252,000.00.

Albert & Birdie Fode 8651 22nd Ave SE is not getting exemptions he is due, disabled veteran & farm exemption for home. Mr. Fode was also strongly urged to meet with Al Vietmeier the County Tax Equalization Director to fill out the necessary forms to get the exemptions he is owed.

Bob Adams, 2150 93rd St SE valuation went up $32,000.00 board suggested increasing the valuation 15% for the next 2 years.

Kathy Mauch, 8300 Pleasantview Road wanted to compare the valuations of other commercial properties to hers in the township.

Marie Smith, 8005 Apple Creek Road felt her valuation was too high because of the flooding that happens on her property the valuation was changed from $144,000.00 to $130,000.00

Jeff David, 1100 80th St SE didn’t have valuation questions but was concerned about 80th St South of Apple Creek Road. The board told him that section of 80th is considered a private drive. He is planning on putting a log house on the basement house he is living in. The board told him to contact Ed Daniels the building inspector about the issues he is facing and also contact MDU about the power line issue.

Ken & Sandy Schon, 11701 Herman Drive questioning why the valuations are going up so much each year and felt the valuation was too high on their property. Assessor Daniels will meet with the Schon’s to re-evaluate the property.

Allan & Jan Nass, 11440 Hillard Drive discussion and agreed to keep the valuation @ $166,000.00

Nick & Anita Kehr, 12551 22nd Ave SE felt the valuation was too high, land under water due to flooding and home is not worth the valuation. They are in litigation because of issues with the house. Assessor Daniels will meet with the Kehr’s and re-evaluate the property. The lot will be valued for $6,000.00 less.

Clarissa Klein, 450 119th her evaluation went up $45,000.00 on her property after discussion it was agreed on a $150,000.00 valuation.

Assessor Daniels will look into the valuations of the Dan Reis and William Leingang properties.

After visiting with the township residents the board went through the books and a motion from Supervisor Selzler to approve the changes to the valuations listed above and approve the tax book recommendations by assessor Daniels, 2nd by Supervisor Zent. The motion was unanimously approved with Supervisors, Selzler, Zent and Chairman Olson voting in favor of the motion.

With no other business to discuss Chairman Olson adjoined the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger
Clerk, ACT



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