Regular Meeting/Special Election


05/02/2011, 7 PM

Members Present: Chairman, Kerry Olson; Supervisors, Paul Zent & Ken Selzler; Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz & Rick Solberg; Treasurer, JP Moszer and Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger.

Members Absent: Weed Board, Terry Mauch, Assessor/Building Inspector, Ed Daniels & Road Supervisor, Lorin Wolf.

Chairman Olson opened the meeting and the minutes from the previous meeting were called for and read. With no corrections or additions Supervisor Zent made a motion to approve the minutes as read. The motion was unanimously approved with Supervisors Selzler, Zent and Chairman Olson voting in favor of the motion, Motion Carried.

School Board Report: No representative from the School Board, no report. Supervisor Zent said he does not have a copy of the revised building agreement as of this meeting.

Road Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Wolf was not present to give a report but Supervisor Zent said Snappy Lane issue is not resolved yet. 

There was a resident who lived on 80th St SE south of Apple Creek Road expressing concerns as to why all of a sudden 80th St SE south of Apple Creek Road is now considered a private drive when before it was always bladed (in his opinion). Supervisor Selzler will check with Road Supervisor Wolf to see what can be done to resolve this problem.

Road signs need to be inventoried and updated for reflectivity standards by 2012. Supervisor Selzler will also check on that.

There was a report that the county is looking to widen Apple Creek Road from Farmer’s Livestock to 66th St SE.

Zoning Board: No new report given.

Assessor/Building Inspector’s Report: Mr. Daniels was not present to give a report but he gave Clerk Meidinger his report. He issued 4 permits for April.
check # valuation of work    permit fee          owner          address                   type
5285            $ 7,056.00                 $ 60.00     Travis & Jennifer Albrecht  8120 Irish Lane    garage addition
5527           $4,000.00          $ 75.00     Ron & Connie Dockter   11500 Elsa Rosa Dr.      
drainfiled addition      1131      $ 170,939.00         $732.00        Richard & Deb Stoppler  9234 Lincoln Road          new home
1048      $ 170,550.00         $712.00     R Joseph & Mary Anne Hieb 11800 Herman Drive    new home
TOTAL $ 352,545.00         $1,579.00

Mr. Daniels also had 2 abatement recommendations for the board. 2 Homestead Credits 1 for Corrine Krein @ 3801 93rd St SE and 1 for Dick Letteer @ 3131 Susan Drive. After review and discussion Supervisor Selzler made a motion to approve the Homestead Credits for Krein and Letteer, 2nd by Supervisor Zent. The motion was unanimously approved with Supervisors Zent, Selzler and Chairman Olson voting in favor of the motion, Motion Carried.

Weed Board: Board Member Mauch was not present to give a report but Kathy Mauch reminded everyone to contact Terry if they saw any leafy spurge or wormwood in the ditches. She also said Terry will be starting to check for the weeds so let him know and he will flag the areas for Fertilawn. There is a cost share for certain weeds so people should check with county weed board to see what options are available to them for their property.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Moszer reported a starting balance of $169,183.99 with 6 checks written for $1,009.90 for bills; 4 deposits for $1,579.00 for permits & insurance refund; Burleigh County $3,710.56 income and $38.99 interest income for an ending balance to date of $173604.64.
10237           $ 887.27     Ed Daniels             building inspections
10238            $  15.96     Bismarck Tribune   legal ads
10239             $  46.67    Cyndy Meidinger    supply reimbursement
10240             $  20.00    Richard Letteer      election board
10241               $  20.00   Rick Hessingrt       election board
10242               $  20.00   Marv Abraham       election board
                   $   1,009.90
previous total $14,838.04
YTD total        $15,847.94

Chairman Olson stated the special election on the Zoning Ordinances would take place after the regular meeting was adjourned. The vote would be on the entire Zoning Ordinances which include 5 acre lot minimums. With no further discussion the floor was opened for nominations for judges. The following were nominated for judges for the special election; Dick Letteer, Rick Hessinger and Marv Abraham. A majority voice vote followed the nominations and Dick Letteer, Rick Hessinger and Marv Abraham were voted as judges for the special election. With no other business to discuss Chairman Olson adjourned the meeting and the poles were opened for voting.

Respectfully Submitted

Cyndy Meidinger
Clerk, ACT

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