Regular Meeting


06/06/2011, 7PM

Members Present: Chairman, Kerry Olson, Supervisors, Paul Zent and Ken Selzler; Road Supervisor, Lorin Wolf; Assessor/Building Inspector, Ed Daniels; Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz, Weed Board, Terry Mauch and Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger.

Members Absent: Zoning Board, Rick Solberg and Treasurer, JP Moszer.

Chairman Olson opened the meeting and introduced the members of the board present.

School Board Report: There was no representative from the school board present to give a report. Supervisor Zent had a copy of the agreement between the Apple Creek School Board and Apple Creek Township regarding insurance and financial support. After review Supervisor Zent made a motion to approve the agreement between the Apple Creek School Board and Apple Creek Township, 2nd by Ken Selzler. The motion was unanimously approved with Supervisors, Zent, Selzler and Chairman Olson voting in favor of the motion, Motion Carried.

Road Supervisor’s Report: Chairman Olson reported the board had received a letter of resignation from Supervisor Wolf. Chairman Olson said the board accepted Mr. Wolf’s resignation with sadness and went on to say Supervisor Wolf has done a great job for the township and he will be missed.

Supervisor Wolf talked about dredging the ditch on the corner of 80th St SE and Apple Creek Road. The township had the culvert cleaned out in the past and there is more water standing on the property. It is the feeling of the board that putting in the water line might have something to do with the problem. Supervisor Wolf will contact Gaylen from the Burleigh County Water Board and see what can be done. Also he will check to see if South Central Regional Water District can help remedy the problem since the problem seems to have gotten worse since the water lines were put in.

3 approach permits were written in May; Joe Hieb 11800 Herman Drive, Jim Grabiner 2900 Majestic St. and Terry Johnson @ 7160 62nd Ave SE.

There was also a problem in Apple Creek Meadows caused by rural water lines causing water problems. Rodney Ness from the county met with Supervisor Wolf and Mr. Ness will contact the township with suggestions on how to remedy the problem.

Supervisor Zent and Supervisor Wolf went out and inspected the township roads so there could be a recommendation for the roads that need gravel and attention for this season, subdivision roads will get the most attention this year. The gravel map was turned into the county. With manpower being diverted to flooding issues township residents can expect gravel to be later in the season.

At the same time they inspected Jeanne Beitelspacher’s property @ 1100 80th St SE. The supervisors visited with the Jeanne and explained the reasons for the county not maintaining the road. The reasons being the road is not up to county specifications, roadway too narrow, improper ditch slope, and the home on the property is too close to the right of way. The board said a load of gravel will be put in the approach of 80th @ Apple Creek Road.

Zoning Board Report: Chairman Olson reminded everyone that the board wants to set up special zoning districts that would allow smaller acreage (1 ½ acre) lots this would need to be done by the annual meeting in March of 2012. It was suggested to use 80th St SE as the cut off for the smaller zoning. Some of the board will meet with the City of Bismarck Planning to see how to go about setting up the special Zoning Districts.

There was also a discussion on a rumor of a subdivision going in on 93rd St SE and 62nd Ave. SE. Supervisor Zent said he had been contacted by an engineering firm in Minneapolis about a possible subdivision and what would need to be done. He referred them to the Township Web Site to look at the Zoning Ordinances and said there would have to be meetings with the developer and the township and so far there has been other communication.

The board received notice of Copper Ridge 3rd Addition south of Lincoln. The subdivision will have approximately 90 homes. This subdivision is in the City of Bismarck’s jurisdiction this is a FYI.

There was also notice that there would be a Public Hearing on Wednesday June 8th requested by Dan & Lori Reis @ 2512 93rd St SE requesting a Re-subdivision of their Plat. The request is for an auditor’s lot. This would be a five acre lot with no road and no real improvement except the house. Access to the home will be through the Reis’ access and the home will have to meet the guidelines set by the township. The Reis’ have met the requirements of the township.

Zoning Board Member Kuntz was at a meeting for the city of Lincoln regarding a proposed subdivision east of Apple Meadows Home Park and south of Apple Creek Road. Trent Guthmiller bought 80 acres and wanted to put in a commercial area and possible residential subdivision. The subdivision was put on hold after Guthmillers found out the city of Lincoln wanted some land dedicated for a road to a landlocked area south of Guthmiller’s land.

Assessor’s Report: Mr. Daniels had no new report.

Building Inspector’s Report: Mr. Daniels said he had 20 permits for the month, 4 were for new homes the other 16 were for decks, garages, storage buildings, etc. The city of Bismarck issued 71 permits in the township 31 were for new homes.

Treasurer’s Report: In the absent of JP Moszer, Clerk Meidinger gave the report. Starting balance $173,604.64, Burleigh County deposits of $6,812.78, 9 building permits $ 1,359.00, Interest $46.35 and 16 invoices to pay $3,189.71 leaving an ending balance of $178,633.06. After review Supervisor Zent made a motion to pay all invoices presented, 2nd by Supervisor Selzler. The motion was unanimously approved with Supervisors, Zent, Selzler and Chairman Olson voting in favor of the motion, Motion Carried.

10243 $ 573.94 Ed Daniels 2nd Qtr Meetings & Assessing & Building Inspections
10244 $ 150.96 Paul Zent 2nd Qtr Meetings
10245 $ 169.83 Ken Selzler 2nd Qtr Meetings
10246 $ 56.61 Kerry Olson 2nd Qtr Meetings
10247 $ 37.74 Jerry Kunz 2nd Qtr Meetings
10248 $ - Void Void
10249 $ 217.58 Lorin Wolf 2nd Qtr Meetings
10250 $ 53.41 Shawn Whitney Extra Meeting
10251 $ 475.52 Cyndy Meidinger 2nd Qtr Meetings & Secretarial Duties
10252 $ 47.18 Terry Mauch 2nd Qtr Meetings
10253 $ 313.00 Kramer Agency Ins.
10254 $ 251.25 WSI Workers Comp
10255 $ 750.00 Pearce & Durick Legal Fees for Zoning Ordinances
10256 $ 25.52 Bismarck Tribune Legal Ads
10257 $ 16.93 Cyndy Meidinger Supply Reimbursement
10258 $ 12.50 Krafty Web Works Web Page Maintenance
Total $ 3,151.97
Previous Total $ 15,847.94
YTD Total $ 18,999.91

Rick Stoppler was at the meeting with concerns regarding ATV use in the ditches by his property. He felt the township board should have authority to do something. The board responded by telling him the 2 roads that border his property (Lincoln Road & 93rd St SE) are county roads so the township has no say over the ditches. The best thing he could do would be to contact the county commission and tell him of his concerns and if possible notify the sheriff’s department so there would be a paper trail of complaints.

He also wanted info on where he could place his fence. He was told he could put them on the property line or a little off the property line on his property.

The 3rd item that was questioned was the tree setback. They had planted some lilac bushes but the bushes are too close to the center of the road, so the bushes will have to be moved 10 feet back. Trees & shrubs planted on the North or West side of a road need to be 85 ft from the center of the road. Trees on the South or East side of the road need to be 65 ft from the center of the road. This is because of the prevailing winds and snow problems in the winter.

Diane Lengenfelder 4781 66th St SE was at the meeting with questions on the speed limits on 66th St SE. It was explained to her that the speed limits need to be changed in 10 mph increments otherwise speeders could use entrapment to fight speeding tickets. So the progression of the speed zones on 66th St SE of Lincoln were explained.

Supervisor Wolf said the county was entertaining the idea to cut down the hill around 48th Ave & 66th St SE, but with all the funds needed to fight the flood that project might get put on hold.

Supervisor Zent read an email he received from Kathy Mauch advising him of a fundraiser for Dorothy (Dottie) Longmuir. The Taco bar Benefit will be on Monday June 27th @ the Tumbleweed 5:30 to 8:00 with a free-will donation. There will a silent auction and bake sale throughout the evening. Burleigh County Chapter of Thrivent for Lutheran will be providing matching funds. The benefit will help defray costs for chemo & radiation treatments. Dottie was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Questions can be addressed to Kathy Mauch @ 701-400-8452 or Teresa Kershaw @ 701-471-2939.

Terry Mauch said leafy spurge is starting to flower so anyone noticing spurge should contact him so he can get it flagged so it can be sprayed.

With no other business to discuss Chairman Olson adjourned the meeting.
Respectfully Submitted,
Cyndy Meidinger, Clerk, ACT

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