Regular Meeting


07/11/2011, 7PM

Members Present: Chairman, Kerry Olson; Supervisor,Paul Zent ; Zoning  Board, Rick Solberg and Jerry Kunz; Road Supervisor, Lorin Wolf; Assessor/Building Inspector, Ed Daniels; Weed Board, Terry Mauch; Treasurer, JP Moszer and Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger.

Members Absent: Supervisor, Ken Selzler

School Board Report: No one present to give report. The township has not received a signed copy of the building agreement. Clerk Meidinger will check on that and also find out the results of the school board election and report back.

Weed Board Report: Mr. Mauch said depending on the weather weed spraying should start next week.

Assessor/ Building Inspector Report: Mr. Daniels is visiting with the residents and updating files. He had 7 building permits and one furnace inspection $40.00
permit # type of work owner builder valuation of work permit fee address payment
16-2011 new home Jerry Sigl $ 150,804.00 $ 632.00 11712 Hillard Drive Ck # 2602
17-2011 wood deck Ted Schnaible $ 3,040.00 $ 47.40 8107 Jeaner Place Ck 1018
18-2011 wood deck with partial roof Art Schaffer $ 3,600.00 $ 46.40 7340 66th Ave SE Ck 5191
19-2011 Detached Garage Ben Heidt $ 7,100.00 $ 560.40 4428 93rd St SE Ck 8088
20-2011 Septic & Drain field Inspection Dan & Lori Ries $ 75.00 419 So 22nd St Ck 3630
21-2011 Open Porch Pat Bosch $ 3,360.00 $ 45.60 8015 Kittie Lane Ck 013167
Total $ 167,904.00 Valuations  $ 1,406.80 Permits

Road Supervisor’s Report: Supervisor Wolf reported the county will not mow the ditch tops this summer because of the added responsibilities the county is experiencing due to the flooding. It will be up to the township to make sure the ditch tops are mowed. There will be a notice on the web page informing the township residents that they should mow their ditch tops this year. The township will look at contracting out the mowing of the ditch tops that are not mowed. Graveling and blading will be late this year also.

Rodney Ness has not gotten back to Supervisor Wolf about the water problem in Apple Meadows.

There has not been a decision on the culvert on 80th & Apple Creek Road and what should be done. There most likely will be no help from the Burleigh County Water Board. This item will be discussed further at the next meeting.

Chairman Olson said he had gotten a letter from FEMA regarding road damage from the flooding. It was determined to see if the township could get funds for Northgate, 80th & 106th. Chairman Olson and Supervisor Wolf will work on that.

Supervisor Zent thanked Supervisor Wolf for the great job he has done for the township and asked if he (Supervisor Wolf) would stay until a replacement can be found. Supervisor Wolf said he would stay until his replacement is hired. There will be an ad in the tribune and something will be put on the web page. The board hopes to fill the position in August.

Zoning Board Report: No report from the board. The new Zoning Regulations were signed and a copy will be taken to the auditor’s office for their file.

Supervisor Zent was at a Bismarck Community Development Meeting June 8th this meeting was regarding Lot 1 Block 1 Skogen’s 1st Addition Replat a re-subdivision of Platted Lot. This item was approved.

Supervisor Zent also attended the Bismarck Planning Meeting on June 22nd and at that meeting Copper Ridge 3rd Subdivision was approved.

Supervisor Zent got clarification on the ETA; the Burleigh County Commissioners are aware of the Zoning Ordinances for ACT and will follow the Zoning of ACT in their dealings with the township or contact one of the supervisors if there is a discrepancy.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Moszer reported there was a starting balance of $178,708.54, Burleigh County check for $335.74, 8 permits for $971.80, interest $12.80 and invoices for $2107.34 with a balance of $177,921.55.
10259               $ 37.74 Rick Solberg 2nd qtr pay
10260                $  9.17 Paul Zent payroll error
10261                $  8.80 Cyndy Meidinger supplies
10262               $ 239.20 ND Ins Dept Insurance
10263             $ 1,812.43 Ed Daniels inspections -assessing
Total                $ 2,107.34
Previous total $ 18,999.91
YTD total         $ 21,107
Treasurer Moszer suggested getting a CPA to go over the books. Nothing serious wrong some accounting errors he can't find. Several of the board members said they had contacts and would report back at the August meeting.

Chairman Olson said the Apple Creek Board and Burleigh County Commissioners had received an email letter from Cordel Weist regarding Dan Reis.There wers  some misconseptions in the email.   Chairman Olson said he had be in contact with Mr. West and asked him to attend the July 11th meeting so Mr. Weist could address the board at that meeting. Mr. Weist was also invited to the July meeting by Supervisor Selzler via phone conversation. Mr. Weist did not attend the meeting.

Chairman Olson asked if there was any other business to discuss, being none he adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,
Cyndy Meidinger
Clerk ACT

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