01/06/2014, 7:00 PM

Regular Meeting

January 6th, 2014 7:00 PM

Members present: Kerry Olson, - Chairman, Paul Zent - Supervisor, Ken Selzler,- Supervisor, Jerry Kunz - Zoning Board Member, Terry Mauch - Weed Board, Greg Hillig - Building Inspector, Loren Wolf - Road Supervisor, Mike Schwartz - Treasurer, Ann Willoughby- Clerk, Cole Shantz - Assessor, Rick Solberg, Zoning Board Member

Members absent: none

Chairman Olson opened the meeting.

Supervisor Zent made a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Supervisor Selzler seconded the motion. The motion passed with Supervisors Zent and Selzler and Chairman Olson voting in favor.

School board Report: No report.

Zoning Board Report: No report.

Assessor’s report: Van Guard has completed all assessments; township will send out tax increases greater than 10% or $3000. Abatements were approved on the following properties:

Wachter Properties - file # 13-401, 13-402, 13-403, 13 -404, the lots had not been improved yet

Anton Schumacher – file # 13-415

James Hayden – file# 13-416

Larry Scheidt – file# 13-246

Randy and Debra Dockter – file # 3-361

David Radloff – file #13-372

Supervisor Zent made a motion to approve the abatement. Supervisor Selzler seconded the motion. The motion passed with Supervisors Zent and Selzler and Chairman Olson voting in favor.

Building Inspector’s Report: There is a report of a pole barn being constructed in the Prairie View Addition without a permit; will follow up to confirm.

Road Supervisor’s Report: Snow maintenance agreement between the township and the country was signed and delivered to the county. Township does not need an agreement to obtain gravel however coordination between country road grader staff and township needs to be arranged in order to ensure gravel is spread after being placed on the road.

Weed report – No report

Treasures’ Report: Bank Balance $133,525.75, Bills: Greg Hillig - $1260.50, Cole Shantz - (fees and computer reimbursement) $1951.42, Burleigh County - $236.99

Supervisor Zent made a motion to pay bills. The motion passed with Supervisors Zent and Selzler and Chairman Olson voting in favor.

Other Business

The hill in North Gate addition does not get sanded when needed and residents of the addition are very concerned for their safety. Calls to the county to have the road sanded have not been addressed in a timely manner by the country.  One resident reported that she could not stop at the bottom of the hill and went into the ditch managing to avoid a roll over. Her vehicle had significant damage with repairs costing over $5000.

Many residents of the North Gate Addition voiced similar concerns and were present at the meeting.The road on this hill has an estimated grade of just under 7% and is gravel but due to repeated snows with thawing and freezing turned the surface to ice. Fire department has expressed concern about getting to the top of the hill in an emergency when it is iced over. 

Possible long term fix is to talk to the land owner at the bottom of the hill and request to move a road approach over so that residents will have a safer place to stop if unable to stop at the “T” intersection at the bottom of the road. Work cannot be done until Spring though.  Until such time as the road approach can be moved, the township will work with county to ensure sanding is completed when needed.


Mr. Leslie Volechenko approached the board about getting access to his property which is currently land locked due to a slough flooding the trail he was using to reach his one acre property. The trail was on property owned by ND Game and Fish department.  Currently on the property is dilapidated house with a dirt floor and Mr. Volenchenko would like to build a shop to store equipment.

At this time the one acre property is surrounded by land owned by Mr. Rick Kessinger who was also present to discuss the issue.  In order to get to his property, Mr. Volechenko would have to cross privately owned land which would be trespassing.  Mr. Kessinger offered to purchase the one acre property from Mr. Volechenko for fair market value and help him to find another one acre property to rectify this issue. Mr. Volechenko did not agree at this meeting about the offer made by Mr. Kessiger. Apple Creek Township Board deemed this to be a legal issue and could not make any decisions about the issue. Mr. Volechenko was advised to seek legal counsel to resolve his issue.


No other business. Meeting adjourned.


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