Regular Meeting


09/12/2011, 7 PM

Members Present: Chairman, Kerry Olson, Supervisors, Ken Selzler & Paul Zent; Zoning Board, Jerry Kunz; Assessor/Building Inspector, Ed Daniels; Treasurer, JP Moszer and Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger.

Members Absent: Zoning Board, Rick Solberg, Road Supervisor, Lorin Wolf and Weed Board, Terry Mauch.

Chairman Olson introduced the members of the board.

School Board Update: Shawn Whitney said there were 66 students enrolled @ the school this year and there was one student transferring this fall. Mr. Whitney presented the board with the school board rental agreement. The agreement was signed and filed.

Road Supervisor’s Report: In Lorin Wolf’s absence Supervisor Zent gave a report:  There was an approach permit issued for Ryan Hiatt @ 8351 Palomino Drive.

Supervisor Zent said the township will have to look into the gravel situation for this season. Burleigh Co will not do any graveling this season due to the pressure the Missouri River flood put on county workers. Supervisor Selzler is going to see if the county has changed their plan regarding gravel; also it has been difficult to find any independent contractors to fill in for the county.

Sara Anderson from Finley Engineering on behalf of BEK Communications of Steele, ND was requesting approval to install fiber optic lines on highway right of way. Ms Anderson and BEK representatives have been out obtaining easements from the township residents that will be affected. She had been in email contact with supervisor Zent to find out the requirements of the township.  A permit was presented to the board for their approval. After review Supervisor Zent made a motion to approve the permit, with a second from Supervisor Selzler. The motion was unanimously approved with Supervisors Zent, Selzler and Chairman Olson voting in favor of the motion.

There were 2 additional applicants for the road supervisor’s position they will possibly interviewed this month with a decision being made at the October meeting.

Assessor/Building Inspector’s Report: No new report regarding township assessing. Mr. Daniels said he issued 8 permits, 1 was for a new home. 

Permit     Type            Fee            Valuation          Address              Owner or Builder
22-2011   Shed          $700.00     $ 3,072.00    9701 Creekside Dr.  Niles & Betty Schwartz
25-2011   Garage       $176.45      $15,300.00   11551 Hillard Dr.     Robert & Betty Stroh
26-2011 Septic Permit $ 75.00                   -   11000 Herman Dr.      Joe Hieb
27-2011   Addition      $ 330.09      $33,600.00   2097 93rd St SE   Jon & Cherie Sanstead
28-2011 Acc. Building  $ 211.75   $20,480.00 11610 Herman Dr. Patrick & Connie Flanagan
29-2011   Gazebo       $63.80        $2,880.00    8355 Kitty Lane        Rodney & Sheri Greff
302011NewHome  $790.05 $148,998.00     8351 Palomino             Ryan Haitt                              
Septic Permit          $75.00                                                         Rick Stoppler
Furnace Inspection  $ 40.00                     10th Ave                    Voller
Total                       $2,462.14            $ 224,330.00   

Mr. Daniels also stated there was a shed built in East Valley Estates without a permit being obtained before it was built. The shed was not on a slab and had a wood floor. Mr. Daniels asked the board what they wanted him to do. Mr. Daniels said a permit was obtained after the fact. The board said the owner needed to rat proof the building and the building would need to be tied down, no other action was taken.

Zoning Board: There was discussion on the complaints regarding the vacant lots in Mees Addition that were not being kept up and an update on the modular/manufactured home in Mees Subdivision. Shawn Whitney said the home was setup on Monday, before anything had gotten done so the neighbors agreed to let this one go; but there will be 2 new people on the covenants committee.  In the future   the covenants will be followed more closely since there will be more people on the committee. The ACT Board said they will work with the committee on any future issues. They also asked Mr. Daniels to make sure any covenants are followed with regards to any permits that are issued.

There was also some discussion on the vacant lots in Mees Addition  that are not being properly taken care of. Some of the property has been mowed but there was not a lot of effort done on either property. No action was taken at the meeting.

There was also discussion on lots not being taken care of in City View. Supervisor Zent and Treasurer Moszer will identify the lots and make a decision on what action will be taken at the next meeting. 

There was a complaint from John Fettig living in the area of 52nd St SE voicing the same concern regarding a property owner in his neighborhood. The owner was not taking care of the property and had a lot of vehicles setting around the property making it an eyesore. The board told Mr.Fettig they were sorry but the property was in Bismarck Zoning so the ACT Board had no jurisdiction there. Supervisor Selzler said he would approach the city to see if he could get something resolved.

The next item up for discussion was the complaint from Cordell Weist. Mr. Weist was not at the meeting to voice his concerns/complaints. The Reis’s attended the meeting and asked what the complaints were regarding. Supervisor Zent said it was regarding the letters the board and county commissioners got. Supervisor Zent said he had gotten a call from commissioner Woodcox who asked what was happening. Supervisor Zent said there was a property line dispute and Mr. Reis had the property resurveyed. The result of the resurvey found Mr. Weist was in the wrong. Supervisor Zent attended the county commission meeting and told the county board the Reis’s had requested a public hearing to add the additional home on to their property. No one came forward at the public hearing with any objections on allowing the additional house so the board voted to approve the request.  Supervisor Zent said Mr. Reis has worked with the board in the past and has more than met any requirements from the board when making improvements.  Since Mr. Weist chose not to come to the meeting to discuss his concerns there was no further discussion on the matter.

Treasurer’s report: Treasurer Moszer reported a beginning balance of $187,622.88, deposit of $8,423.24 from the county, interest and permits and checks written $3,296.58 which includes an $866.96 balance adjustment, for an ending balance of $192,962.84. After review Supervisor Zent made a motion to pay all bills presented, 2nd by Supervisor Selzler. The motion was unanimously approved with Supervisors Zent, Selzler and Chairman Olson voting in favor of the motion.
10266 $       1,294.62 Ed Daniels Inspections & 3rd qtr pay
10267 $           113.22 Paul Zent 3rd qtr pay
10268 $             75.48 Ken Selzler 3rd qtr pay
10269 $             75.48 Kerry Olson 3rd qtr pay
10270 $             37.74 Jerry Kunz 3rd qtr pay
10271 $             37.74 Rick Solberg 3rd qtr pay
10272 $             37.74 Lorin Wolf 3rd qtr pay
10273 $           358.53 Cyndy Meidinger 3rd qtr pay
10274 $             47.18 Terry Mauch 3rd qtr pay
10275 $           168.43 Bismarck Tribune Road Supervisor Add
10276 $           183.46 Burleigh County Road Repair
          $           866.96 balance adjustment
total    $           3,296.58
Previous total $ 22,107.26
YTD total       $ 25,403.84

Treasurer Moszer said he and his wife found the mistake in the check book and that it was a number transposition that happened around 18 months ago and just got missed but now all is good. The mistake ended up being about $2,300.00 to the good.

With no further business to discuss Chairman Olson adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,
Cyndy Meidinger, Clerk ACT

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