Regular Meeting


12/05/2011, 7 PM

Members Present: Chairman, Kerry Olson;  Supervisor, Pau l Zent;  Zoning Board, Rick Solberg & Jerry Kunz; Building Supervisor, Greg Hillig;  Road Supervisor, Lorin Wolf; Treasurer, JP Moszer and Clerk, Cyndy Meidinger.

Members Absent: Supervisor, Ken Selzler, Weed Board Terry Mauch and Assessor Roger Thompson.

Chairman Olson opened the meeting and introduced the members of the board. After introductions he proceeded to introduce Greg Hillig, Building Inspector taking over for Ed Daniels.

Roger Thompson will be taking the Assessor position for Ed Daniels, Mr. Thompson was not present at the meeting.  Ed Daniels was not present @ the meeting and a gift card in appreciation of all the hard work he has done for the township will be mailed to him.

Treasurer Moszer will be taking on the responsibilities of Road Supervisor in addition to his treasurer responsibilities. 

School Board Report: No one present to give a report.

Road Supervisor’s Report: Chairman Olson presented Road Supervisor Wolf with a gift card in appreciation for all his hard work for the township.  Supervisor Wolf gave his final report, Mees and City View Subdivision graveling is complete. There will be no more graveling done this season, there were problems between the county and our gravel hauler causing the hauler to stop hauling.

2011-2012 Maintenance Agreement: The 2011-2012 Maintenance Agreement between Burleigh County and Apple Creek Township was discussed. The cost for this year’s agreement is $11,433.25 after discussion Supervisor Zent made a motion to approve the agreement, 2nd by Chairman Olson. The motion was unanimously approved with Supervisor Zent and Chairman Olson voting in favor of the motion, Motion Carried.

Supervisor Wolf said Mr. Gabel has not made the necessary change to the drainage pipe on his property. JP Moszer said he would talk to Mr. Gabel and work to  get the problem resolved.

There is also a possible problem with a homeowner on 52nd St SE south of Lincoln Road. In the past he has moved snow into the right of way and in heavy snow years this creates a problem for the county grader operators and neighbors. JP Moszer said he would check on  this also. The board said all township residents need to be mindful of this and keep from moving snow into the right of way this snow season.

Supervisor Zent reported after the November 7th meeting the ACT Board approved the appointment of JP Moszer to fill the Road Supervisor Position.  Mr. Moszer had volunteered to take on the position until a replacement can be found. If no one wants to take on the position Mr. Moszer said he would be happy to stay on as Road Supervisor.

Supervisor Zent also reported that the ACT Board met on November 17th to fill the vacant Assessor and Building Inspector positions left by Ed Daniels. The interview Committee consisted of Supervisors, Zent, Selzler, Chairman Olson and Clerk Meidinger. The first interview was for the Assessor there was one applicant Roger Thompson. Mr. Thompson has been assessor for Hay Creek and Wing Townships. The board offered the position to Mr. Thompson. The salary offer was $15.00 per hour and mileage reimbursement of $.50 per mile, the salary will be capped @ $7,000.00. Mr. Thompson agreed with the salary and accepted the position.

The next interview was for the Building Inspector. The applicants were Greg Hillig, Ken Selzler and Jim Frigstad. Supervisor Selzler excused himself from the interview process since he wanted to be considered for the Building Inspector position. The interview committee for the Building Inspector consisted of Supervisor Zent, Chairman Olson and Clerk Meidinger.  Mr. Frigstad did not attend the interview and after meeting with Mr. Hillig the board decided to offer the position to Mr. Hillig. The salary recommendation was $12.50 per hour & $.50 per mile reimbursement with an increase to $15.00 upon becoming certified by the county. Mr. Hillig agreed with the salary and accepted the position.

After the report Chairman Olson made a motion to approve the appointments for Assessor, Building Inspector and Road Supervisor with a 2nd by Supervisor Zent. The motion was unanimously approved with Supervisor Zent and Chairman Olson voting in favor of the motion, Motion Carried.

Building Inspector’s Report:  Inspector Hillig had one permit from Mr. Daniels to turn in. It was for Terry Morton @ 110 Country View for a new home. Valuation of work is $134,136.00 permit fee $739.51.

Zoning Board:   Zoning Board member Kunz received notice of a Subdivision Public hearing @ the City Hall in Lincoln for JM Addition east of the trailer park in Lincoln. The meeting date for this public hearing is Tuesday December 6th. Upon discussion it was decided there did not have to be a township representative @ the meeting since Chairman Olson would contact the Lincoln Commission and recommend to the commission that the street in the subdivision meet up with Majestic Street.

There was also a heads up about the South 40 Addition which consisted of 3-36 unit apartment buildings by the Cenex Station in Lincoln.

There will also be a Public Hearing on Thursday December 8th for the Annexation of Wheatland Hills Subdivision. The township will have representation @ this hearing so the township's concern for the road situation can be addressed by the city of Lincoln.

Weed Board:  No report due to the winter weather and absence of Terry Mauch.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Moszer reported a starting balance of $193,354.50 with 4 deposits for a total deposit of $9,332.25 which included $8,427.74 from Burleigh County, $25.00 approach permit, $879.51 building permit and interest $24.42.  13 checks for bills totaling $25,610.41 with an ending balance of $177,100.76.  After review Supervisor Zent made a motion to pay all bills presented with a 2nd from Chairman Olson. The motion was unanimously approved with Supervisor Zent and Chairman Olson voting in favor of the motion, Motion Carried.

Treasurer Moszer reported Chairman Olson brought the laptop the township had purchased from Chairman Olson’s wife and Treasurer Moszer will get the required operating systems for the computer and get everything transferred to the new computer.

10282  $    6,941.64  Burleigh County Road Repairs
10283  $                  -    Void
10284  $       175.60  United Printing Building Permits
10285  $ 17,077.50  N Central Transportation Gravel Hauling
10286  $       156.62  Ed Daniels 4th Qtr Pay
10287  $       113.22  Kerry Olson 4th Qtr Pay
10288  $         75.48  Ken Selzler 4th Qtr Pay
10289  $       113.22  Paul Zent 4th Qtr Pay
10290  $         56.61  Jerry Kunz 4th Qtr Pay
10291  $         56.61  Rick Solberg 4th Qtr Pay
10292  $         47.18  Terry Mauch 4th Qtr Pay
10293  $       420.79  Cyndy Meidinger 4th Qtr Pay & Gift Certificate Reimbursement
10294  $       175.95  Lorin Wolf 4th Qtr Pay
10295  $       200.00  Kerry Olson Laptop Sale
Total                  $ 25,610.42  
Previous Total  $ 23,168.98  
YTD Total          $ 48,779.40  

Concrete Dumping:  Marvin Abraham has been meeting with Metro Concrete to try and get a resolution to the concrete dumping on township and county roads. It seems to be an ongoing problem and the township needs to get more teeth into the Zoning Ordinances to be able to fine and enforce the fines. This issue will need to be hammered out and a solution presented @ the annual meeting and election in March.

Chairman Olson asked if there was any other business to discuss being none he reminded everyone the next meeting will be Monday January 9th and adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully Submitted,

Cyndy Meidinger
Clerk, ACT


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