Annual Meeting


03/20/2012, 7PM

Clerk Meidinger opened the Annual Meeting of Apple Creek Township. The minutes from the 2011 Annual Meeting were read there was one correction noted.  In the Road report the word buy was used instead of by.  With no other corrections noted Supervisor Zent made a motion to accept the minutes as corrected with a 2nd from Supervisor Selzler. The motion received a unanimous voice vote.

Kerry Olson was chosen as moderator.

The following were chosen as judges, Darlyn Kunz, Rick Solberg and Cyndy Meidinger.

Moderator Olson took over the meeting, introducing members of the board present, Supervisors Zent, and Selzler and Road Supervisor & Treasurer Moszer, Zoning Board Kunz and Solberg and Clerk Meidinger.

Gravel Plans: Moderator Olson asked Supervisor Zent for a report on the gravel plans for the upcoming year. Supervisor Zent said the board plans on catching up on the gravel this summer. Last year’s flooding caused a major interruption of the township’s gravel plans. He said he had been in contact with Rodney Ness from Burleigh County Highway Department and Mr. Ness recommended the township have someone on standby to haul gravel this season.  Supervisor Zent said the board would contact the hauler they used last fall and see it he would be able to help the township out.

Township Officer Pay Increase: Moderator Olson reported at the last legislative session the township officer pay was increased to $60.00 per day.  It took effect in August of 2011 but the townships need to vote on the increase at the annual meeting. This would increase the pay township officers receive for a day meeting to $60.00 instead of the $20.00 now received. Officers attending the regular monthly meetings will still receive $20.00 per meeting.

Concrete Dumping:  Supervisor Zent reported Chairman Olson had talked to the township legal representative about the problem and was told the board should not use the Zoning Ordinances to address the problem because the Zoning Ordinances applied to township residents. The majority of the problems were from concrete companies out of the township. He also was it is the responsibility of the truck driver to know where to dump the concrete. The best way to address this problem will be to change the bylaws. Supervisor Selzler said he had addressed this issue @ the NDTOA meeting in December. He was told the NDTOA will address this issue in the next session because other townships are facing this problem. For now the township will be able to use the state law against littering and fine the responsible party $500.00 for each violation.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Moszer reported the income from property taxes, gas tax, state aid distribution telecommunications, and interest earned and miscellaneous receipts for 2011 were $137,662.00. Total expenditures for 2011 board salaries, dues & meals, election board, legal notices blading & graveling(Maintenance Agreement) Road Repair, Construction & Culverts, Insurance, Weed Control, Amount paid to county for services preformed & miscellaneous expenditures for a total of $44,195.  Some of the surplus was due to the flooding and the county was not able to do the allowed gravel and extra road maintenance. The township will be able to put more money to roads this season and keep on track with a paving fund.

Election Eligibility: Supervisor Zent reminded the public that to be eligible to vote in township elections you must be a resident of the township for 30 days. The eligibility requirements are the same for any one running for office. You must have lived in the township for 30 days prior to running for office.

Moderator Olson introduced the candidates running for election; Paul Zent for supervisor for a three year term, Elizabeth Patterson for clerk for a 2 year term and Jerry Kunz for Zoning Board.  Supervisor Zent said the Zoning Board position would also attend any Lincoln zoning meetings that would affect ACT residents if Lincoln would extend their ETA.
Moderator Olson then asked for nominations from the floor for Supervisor, Clerk and Zoning Board. There were no other nominations from the floor.

With no new nominations and on other business to discuss he adjourned the Annual Meeting and opened the polls for voting.

Respectfully Submitted
Cyndy Meidinger,
Clerk ACT

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