04/07/2014, 7 PM

Regular Meeting April 7th, 2014 7:00 PM

Members present: Kerry Olson - Chairman, Ken Selzler - Supervisor, Paul Zent – Supervisor, Jerry Kunz - Zoning Board Member, Terry Mauch - Weed Board, Greg Hillig - Building Inspector, Rick Solberg - Zoning Board

Members absent: Loren Wolf - Road Supervisor, Cole Shantz - Assessor Chairman Olson opened the meeting.

Chairman Olson made a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Supervisor Selzler seconded the motion. The motion passed with Chairman Olson and Supervisors Selzler and Zent voting in favor.

Motion was made by Chairman Olson that Paul Zent becomes the chairman for the next year. Motion seconded by Supervisor Selzler. Chairman Olson and Supervisors Selzler and Zent all agree. Motion passed. Paul Zent is now the Chairman with Kerry Olson now a supervisor.

School board Report: They have awarded the contract to a builder to connect the two portable classrooms with a bathroom. School will be painting rest of buildings this summer. Enrollment is about 56 students. Leaving as school board president; he will have one more meeting in May.

Zoning Board Report: No report.

Assessor’s Report - Letters sent out to residents of Apple Creek about assessments. Contact Cole Shantz to set up meeting per the letter. Member of Van Guard will be present. Meeting held at Lincoln city hall.

Building Inspector’s Report: Slow month, a lot of phone calls about sizes they can build but no permits written.

Road Supervisor’s Report: No report. Spring road survey will begin in about three weeks. The plan is to put crushed asphalt into pot holes that have developed over the winter.

Weed report – No report.

Treasures’ Report:No report

Motion made to pay bills by Supervisor Selzler, Chairman Zent seconded. Chairman Zent, Supervisors Olson and Selzler all approved. Motion passed.

Other Business On the North gate road any request for work on the roads in that development must be worked through the township board.

No other business.

Meeting adjourned.


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