Regular Meeting


07/02/2012, 7:00pm

Members present:  Ken Selzler, Chairman; Paul Zent, Supervisor; Kerry Olson, Supervisor; Jerry Kunz, Zoning Board Member; and Rick Solberg, Zoning Board Member.  JP Moszer, Treasurer/Road Supervisor; Greg Hillig, Building Inspector; and Elizabeth Patterson, Clerk, were also present.

Member absent:  Terry Mauch, Weed Board Member.

Chairman Selzler opened the meeting.

Supervisor Zent made a motion to approve the minutes of the June 4, 2012, regular meeting.  The motion was seconded by Supervisor Olson.  The motion passed on a voice vote.

School Board report:  No school board member was present to give a report.

Assessor’s report:  The assessor was not present and no report was given.

Building Inspector’s report:  Mr. Hillig issued the following permits:

• Pat & Jen Niemackl - new home with attached garage and deck at 10008 Pond Place.
Valuation of work - $233,490
Permit - $1,177.32

• Carol & Carmen Wold - new home with attached garage and deck at 10016 Pond Place.
Valuation of work - $234,683
Permit - $1,181.35

• GR-8 Builders - new home with attached garage and deck at 10001 Pond Place.
Valuation of work - $156,366
Permit - $915.11

• Jeremy Holzer - 14x30 addition to existing 30x46 building at 2939 80th St. SE.
Valuation of work - $5,250
Permit - $95.45

• GR-8 Builders - new home with attached garage and deck at 6616 62nd Ave. SE.
Valuation of work - $156,366
Permit - $915.11

Weed Board report:  No report.

Road Supervisor’s report:  Mr. Moszer said the board needs to decide on a date for the yearly road survey.  It was determined that Supervisor Olson and Mr. Moszer would conduct the survey on July 10, 2012.

Treasurer’s report:  Mr. Moszer said the starting balance was $286,921.96, total deposits were $4,494.51, and total checks written were $7.91 for an ending balance of $291,408.56. 

Other business:  Supervisor Zent said that the board received a copy of correspondence between the Burleigh County Water Resource Board and the North Dakota State Water Commission regarding a water drainage issue on land owned by Brian Bitner.  Supervisor Zent indicated that this has been a long-standing issue.  The current question for the State Water Commission is to determine whether a watercourse exists and, if it does, what course of action should taken to alleviate the obstructions to that watercourse.  The general consensus of the board was that no action was needed by the township until a determination from the State Water Commission was made.

Supervisor Zent informed the board that the state fire and tornado fund insurance is up for renewal.  He said that according to the information sent regarding the fund, the rates will remain the same but values have increased.  Supervisor Zent also noted that only the main school building and two portables are listed on the policy and that the third portable should also be included.  Ms. Patterson was asked to contact the North Dakota Tax Department to include the third portable on the policy.

Supervisor Zent said that his notary certification will come due in September and asked the board to reimburse him for the cost of the renewal.  Supervisor Olson made a motion to reimburse Supervisor Zent the cost to renew his notary certification.  The motion was seconded by Chairman Selzler.  The motion passed with Chairman Selzler and Supervisor Olson voting in favor.

Mr. Kunz informed the board of a recent grass fire near 80th Street, south of his property.  He said the fire progressed up through a valley on CRP land that had not been hayed.  A township resident had spoken with him asking if there was anything the township could do to require haying so that grass fires like this one would not spread as far.  The board was unsure whether anything could be done to require haying, especially on CRP land.

Chairman Selzler asked if there was any other business before the board.  Seeing none, Chairman Selzler adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Patterson
Clerk, Apple Creek Township

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