05/05/2014, 7:00 PM

Regular Meeting May 5th, 2014 7:00 PM

Members present: Paul Zent – Chairman, Kerry Olson - Supervisor, Ken Selzler - Supervisor, Jerry Kunz - Zoning Board Member, Terry Mauch - Weed Board, Greg Hillig - Building Inspector, Rick Solberg - Zoning Board, Cole Shantz – Assessor, Ann Willoughby – Clerk, Loren Wolf – Road Supervisor Members absent: None

Chairman Zent opened the meeting. Supervisor Olson made a motion to approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Supervisor Selzler seconded the motion. The motion passed with Chairman Zent and Supervisors Selzler and Olson voting in favor. Motion passed.

School board Report: No report.

Zoning Board Report: No report.

Assessor’s Report – Tax equalization meeting was held April 17th. Started at 7 PM and ended at 11 PM. There is some follow up with Mr. Fode and issues were discussed with Mr. Allan Vietmeier, Burleigh County Tax Director. Mr. Albert Fode is on disability and is not claiming the farm exemption so his assessment should be changed to reflect this. Supervisor Selzler made a motion to approve the changes since the tax equalization meeting. Supervisor Olson seconded the motion. Supervisors Olson and Selzler and Chairman Zent approved. Motion passed. Main discussion on Van Guard Appraisals was the common complaint that they [Van Guard] didn’t get around to all of the homes so a true assessment was not done. Van Guard president was very knowledgeable and answered all questions. Apple Creek Township will be dividing the township into four quadrants so that every four years there will be a reassessment with the focus on new homes.

Building Inspector’s Report: 9 permits written. Permits written after the projects started. Permits should be requested prior to construction. Not all money has been collected on all the permits as of the date of this meeting. The motion was approve for the platte and address for a private road and private residence for Miranda and Jameson Seim. This will be a private road crossing the Terry Mauch property and will not be maintained by the township or the county. Supervisor Selzler made a motion to approve the road, Supervisor Olson seconded the motion. Chairmen Olson and Selzler and Chairman Zent approved motion passed.

Permits Issued 1. Berg, Jerry, 9007 Lincoln Rd – shed

2. Mauch, Terry, 8300 Pleasentview – pole barn

3. Siem, Jamie, 8300 Pleasentview - house

4. Schirado, Dusty, 1021 Apple Way – house

5. Ostendorf, Joel, 7340 62nd AVE S.E. – pole barn

6. Shantz, Tony, 12450, 10th AVE S.E. – pole barn

7. Brintenell, Matt, 8360 Irish Lane – shed

8. Wood, Tim, 7740 Spruce Place – pole barn

9. Southam, Bernice, 9616 Creekside - deck

Road Supervisor’s Report: Roads were reviewed by Apple Creek Township supervisors and chairman. There is a shortage of gravel stock piles in the Bismarck area. Township board will be trying to find crushed asphalt for the roads instead of gravel. Reports from the area are that the crushed asphalt should be looked at before purchased as it could be too fine causing it to blow away or cause the road to develop “washboards”. Chad Schneider will be road supervisor for Apple Creek Township as the interim road supervisor, Loren Wolf, is stepping down due to other obligations. Chairman Olson made a motion to appoint Chad Schneider as road supervisor for Apple Creek Township. Chairman Selzler seconded the motion. Supervisors Olson and Selzler and Chairman Zent approve. Motion passed.

Weed report – No report

Treasures’ Report: Motion made to pay bills by Supervisor Selzler, Chairman Zent seconded. Chairman Zent, Supervisors Olson and Selzler all approved. Motion passed. Letter of resignation from Mike Schwartz as the treasurer, will be approved in June. New candidate will be present at the meeting in June.

Building Permits Issued

Southam, Bonnie - $118.65

Wood, Tim - $308.45 Brintenell,

Matt - $225 Total Building Permits - $652.10

Insurance Reserve Benefits - $51.00

Total Deposits Outstanding - $703.10

Bills Bismarck Tribune $50.22

Northern Improvement $458.36

NRG $38.16

Burleigh County $3500

Outstanding Bills - $4046.74

Board Member Cole Shantz, Assessor, “CS Resources” $3525.92

Ann Willoughby, Clerk, $384.00

Total Bills - $7956.66

Current Balance as of May 5th, 2014 $157,450.17

Other Business

Point of discussion from Supervisor Selzler is the growth management plan of Burleigh County. The City of Bismarck is discussing their plans for the forecasted growth to the north. Part of the plan includes no more 40 acre developments. Part of that future development might be row houses to include city water and sewer. No more rural growth is essentially the goal. Burleigh County took over the roads as well. Number of people voted against this legislation. City wants control of the growth in the rural areas. Not advantageous to developers to build on 5 or 1 to 2 acre lots.

Donavan Voeller point of discussion about 52nd Street near Highway 10.

The city rezoned Midwest Motors property (68 acre plot) part of the plot plan is to have roads. It is planned to make changes to 52nd by lowering road by 2’ to 3’. Mr. Voeller is opposed to what Midwest motors wants to do. Midwest motor's plan was rejected by the city and is being reworked. Before anything happens at intersection of 52nd Street and Highway 10 the company must get approval from the township. Mr. Voeller is concerned about a possible 6’drop onto 52nd Street from his driveway if this happens. Midwest motors will be zoning this land into lots. The purpose of the lots is unknown at this time. This road, 52nd Street which is a township road will always be in turmoil as the city owns half and the township owns half. The land is already being stripped.

Point of discussion from Chairman Selzler County is creating an ordinance for clean-up of the county.

Burleigh County will have the Health Department involved to help with issues. Plan will have repercussions if lots do not come into compliance. No proposed date as to when the ordinance will come into effect.

No other business.

Meeting adjourned.


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