Regular Meeting


09/10/2012, 7:00pm

Members present:  Ken Selzler, Chairman/Road Supervisor; Paul Zent, Supervisor; Kerry Olson, Supervisor; Terry Mauch, Weed Board Member; Jerry Kunz, Zoning Board Member; and Rick Solberg, Zoning Board Member.  Greg Hillig, Building Inspector; Roger Thompson, Assessor; and Elizabeth Patterson, Clerk/Treasurer, were also present.

Chairman Selzler opened the meeting.

Supervisor Zent made a motion to approve the minutes of the August 7, 2012, regular meeting.  The motion was seconded by Supervisor Olson.  The motion passed with Supervisors Olson and Zent and Chairman Selzler voting in favor.

School Board report:  Shawn Whitney, Apple Creek School Board Member, reported that if the Bismarck Public School bond passes on September 18, the school board will begin polling residents of the school district and holding public hearings in order to determine whether to keep the school open or become part of the Bismarck Public School District.  Mr. Whitney said the repainting or residing of the school is still on hold.

Zoning Board:  Supervisor Zent brought before the Zoning Board two proposed plats that were sent to Apple Creek Township for review from the City of Bismarck.  The first plat was for a new Pine Meadows Third Subdivision to consist of one lot.  The second plat was for a new Apple Creek Ridge Subdivision to consist of 55 lots and to change the zoning in that subdivision from agricultural to residential.  Supervisor Zent made a motion to submit the resolutions for both plats to the city as approved.  Supervisor Olson seconded the motion.  The motion passed with Supervisors Olson and Zent and Chairman Selzler voting in favor.  Upon further discussion, the board agreed to include recommendations in the resolution for the Apple Creek Ridge Subdivision that traffic signs be installed within the subdivision and that due to the increased traffic that would occur with 55 additional lots, the unsurfaced portion of 119th Street from 5th Avenue to Apple Creek Road be paved.

Assessor’s report:  Mr. Thompson said he is in the process of assessing the new homes within the township.

Building Inspector’s report:  Mr. Hillig issued the following permit:

• Tyler Wollmuth - 40’ x 64’ pole barn at 8900 Sunrise Avenue.
Valuation of work - $32,000
Permit - $303.65

Mr. & Mrs. Jahner asked the board what type of foundation was required for putting a manufactured home on their lot at 1108 Apple Way.  Supervisor Selzler questioned whether a manufactured home would even be allowed in that subdivision.  Upon review of the covenants for that subdivision, it was determined that only stick built homes were allowed in that subdivision, and the board suggested that the Jahners contact the subdivision’s committee for further questions regarding their home.

Justin & Jamie Jacobson asked the board for a setback variance to build a 32’ x 40’ garage at their home on 93rd Street.  Supervisor Zent said that 93rd Street is a county road and that the Jacobsons should contact the county for a variance.

Weed Board report:  Nothing to report.

Road Supervisor’s report:  Supervisor Zent said that he had contacted Loren Wolf about hauling gravel for the township and had received the name of an individual from Mr. Wolf who would do it for $120 an hour.  The board agreed that Supervisor Zent should contact this individual to get the gravel hauled for the township.

Treasurer’s report:  Ms. Patterson said the starting balance was $298,308.36, total deposits were $303.65, and total checks written were $3,757.12 for an ending balance of $294,854.89.  Supervisor Zent made a motion to approve the bills.  Supervisor Olson seconded the motion.  The motion passed with Supervisors Olson and Zent and Chairman Selzler voting in favor.

Other business:  Supervisor Olson reported that he spoke with the county regarding the water drainage issue on Brian Bitner’s property that was discussed at last month’s board meeting.  He said the county will install two new culverts and dig out the area that is blocked.  He also said that the county will pay for half the cost, the Burleigh County Water Resource District will contribute $500 to the project, and the township will cover the rest of the cost.

Supervisor Zent said that Arnold Schieve is concerned that Mariner’s development will increase runoff on his property.  Supervisor Zent told Mr. Schieve to contact the Burleigh County Water Resource District with his concern and also suggested that Mr. Schieve inform the water resource district that the development is being built without an approved plan.

Supervisor Olson reported that he and Mr. Kunz attended the August Lincoln Planning and Zoning Committee meeting concerning Lincoln’s comprehensive plan.  Supervisor Olson said that at the meeting it was suggested by the City of Lincoln that the mayor of Lincoln attend Apple Creek Township meetings to ensure that the political subdivisions work together on potential issues.  Also at that meeting, Mr. Kunz asked the City of Lincoln about increased traffic on 66th Street and what safety measures are being planned in response to the increased development of the area.  The City of Lincoln suggested that Supervisor Olson and Mr. Kunz take their concerns to the Metropolitan Planning Organization.  Supervisor Olson and Mr. Kunz attended a subsequent MPO meeting and were told that the City of Lincoln has never made a request to address increased traffic or safety issues with 66th Street.  Supervisor Olson and Mr. Kunz were also informed that concerns with 66th Street should be taken to the county’s highway department.  Chairman Selzler suggested that Carl Hokenstad, Director of Community Development with the City of Bismarck, be contacted about safety issues with 66th Street.

Chairman Selzler asked if there was any other business before the board.  Seeing none, Chairman Selzler adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Patterson
Clerk, Apple Creek Township

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